Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

@Mirai Noah


I was planning on cosplaying as Sumeragi since season 1, but I ended up making the season 2 uniform instead! I am more partial to uniforms anyway.

This was a joint project with Ko-chan. She made the main body of shirt and jacket, and altered the pants. I did all the trim, put in the zipper, did the teal diamond and altered the gloves. I also made the belt, and eventually altered the collar so that it's more like turtleneck.

The wig is actually my Murrue wig - it's Sunny in Medium Brown (8), from Cosworx. It looks darker in some these pictures, though. Also, in some of the photos, I did not adjust the bangs for Sumeragi, and therefore the wig is in "Murrue Mode."

I met Yun Kouga (character designer for Gundam 00) at Anime Expo 2009 and she said that my costume was "subarashii." XD

In late 2009, I fixed the teal diamond and it looks better now. :)


@Mirai Noah
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Variant Celestial Being Uniform


dragondrow nice work. did you do the zipper too?