Tifa Lockheart

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



Whee~ 8D Tifa Time!

Most of this outfit is made of my Lenne boot scraps. The rest is white faux suede, cotton fabrics, eyelets, and foamies.

My mom basically made the hat for me while I helped and although its not completely accurate, I'm fine with that. I made boot covers to go over my great-grandma's cowboy boots which are just beautiful. They're real leather and the designs that are cut into them are amazing. I'm actually a bit ashamed to be covering them up.

No wig used because I didn't have the time or money to order one for the con. So you guys get pictures of my ugly hair 8] hurhur~

I think this outfit looks horrible on me anyways xD;
I'll post pictures once I find/take some where I don't look too fat and ugly OAO~ lol. (xD The only pic I like is for the gathering, so you get to see the lovely xTifa_Lockheart behind me)


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Tifa Lockheart
Variant Guide/ Crisis Core


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