Emil Castagnier

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World



I might be wearing this again at Megacon 2010 and i MIGHT enter the Costume Contest. SO

im touching up on a few things and completing my freaking sword (it recently broke... got stepped on T-T)

SHOES: 100% done (with the wierd ankle thingy)
TOP: 100%
BELTS: 100%
PANTS: 100% done
SCARF: 100%
ARM THINGY: 100% done
GLOVES: 100% done
WIG: 100% done

WEAPON: 95% done (repainting/repairing)
SHEATH: 100% done


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Created 11 years ago
Series Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Character Emil Castagnier
Variant Normal Mode


HanaNoir-chan Hi! Wonderful work :) May you put on instructions for the clothing please? Would be veeery nice because it's my first cos ever!! :)

AllieCat WONDERFUL EMIL!!!! <3

kikuyo ur emil came out looking amazing. idr if i told u or not lol

startoonhero thank you! i got alot of ideas by look at ure costume truth be told XD


NintyGirl I can't wait to see it when it's all done!!! :O

kikuyo Awesome job so far! I can't wait to see it all finished!

cloud_sephiroth You sword has come along very nicely! I unfortunately am still lagging behind. I have yet to carve the sword (<_<)

cloud_sephiroth hi! my name is cloud_sephiroth on cosplay.com. I am a newbie to cosplaying, and I want to make my first one of Emil Castagnier. I've looked at your pictures for the sword and I have found them helpful. If you can, could you pm me any ideas/instructions on how to make his clothing (especially the blue part)? I would be much obliged. Thank you for your time.