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We're doing a Gurren Lagann theme for Open House this year, complete with turning our booth into Dai-Gurren. As usual, we try to get as many people cosplaying as possible. ....I sorta am the most "gifted" in club, so I got Yoko by default, although I'd been wanting to cosplay her anyway since I really like her character.

I decided on Timeskip because the jacket rocks my socks, although it means that this costume involves way more vinyl than one costume should be allowed to have. The modest version has 3 reasons:
1) Open House is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event. As I told our Kiyoh when encouraging her to modify her costume "We're Minna no Anime, not Minna no Slutty Girls." It wasn't just costumes--I designed the booth modifications to be recognizable as Dai-Gurren but not look like a giant part of the male figure.
2) I wanted to be recognizable, so I chose to modify a more recognizable costume rather than do Yomako sensei or that coverup from Ep. 5.
3) I'M more comfortable that way. Only person who really should be seeing that much skin from my is my husband (who I couldn't talk into Kamina, *tear*). Also, Yoko's boobs defy gravity. Mine don't.

I'm rushing to get this done, but I haven't given up hope yet. The wig is by far the most intense wig project I've ever done, but I'm happy with how it's coming along. Have to see as I get the ponytail and the last wefts attached. I did discover as a result of this wig: Fabric Steamers are a GODSEND for wigs. Yay, random wedding presents.

Pics when I get it done. With the cardboard Dai-Gurren booth.


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Yoko Littner/Ritona
Variant Timeskip, more modest version


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