Sara Trantoul

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence



When I worked the costume, I've got flu. I keep sew while I'm in doctor's waiting room ^^

Finally It finished. There so many flaws in my costume. I want to make it perfect like sensei Ayami Kojima's drawing but I can't. Well...I love it anyway ^^ I thought Sara would be the easy one costume, I thought wrong. I found out, it the hardest costume I made.

After this, my planning is work on Kaname Kuran Costume and then Queen Esther Blanchett Costume. I supposed doing Esther first but I cannot found the fake red jewel in the market. They're sold out and I had to wait the next merchandise. So...Wish me luck ^^

From Inuyasha fan club to sensei Ayami Kojima's illustrations Castlevania fan club.

OK shura magami31 Chan...I'll wait your Leon Belmont's costume ^^

PS: Sara Trantoul is a chara from Castlevania game : Lament of Innocence. She is Leon Belmont fiancee and the whole purpose of the game. She was kidnapped by Walter Bernhard (the Villain). Leon set a journey to safe her but it was too late. Sara become Vampire yet sacrificed her life to make Leon's ultimate weapon which can killed Walter Bernhard.


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Series Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Character Sara Trantoul


MalteseLizzie I really love the sleeves of this costume, but the whole costume is beautiful :)

seawaterwitch Thank You FrozenNight-chan ^^ *hugs* It' really honour to me. I am so happy and very surprise *blush*, I never thought I could get in on the showcase because so many cosplayer have beautiful costumes too.

FrozenNight I love your Sara cosplay! *_* Congratulations that you got showcased.

seawaterwitch Thank You Ansatsusama Chan ^^ *hugs*

Ansatsusama Oh! it´s beautiful, pretty Sara, *0* CASTLEVANIA RLZ!!!

seawaterwitch Thank You Hime Chan ^^ I had My own Leon too but she's not my boyfriend LOL ... too bad I don't have a boyfriend >.< Lucky You ^^

HimeZelda Most epic Sara ever. I hope to do her one day too with my boyfriend as Leon. <3

seawaterwitch Thank You BalthierFlare Chan ^^ Thank You Epi Chan. I'm very surprise too and happy ^^ Thank You linkluver6 Chan ^^ Thank You Nina Chan. Congrats to you ^^ *hugs all ^^ *

nina gyaboo Onechaaan congratulatiooon... your sara on showcase.......

epi Congrats on showcase!!!! XD

BalthierFlare Wow that's gorgeous! ^^