Well, this was my first skimpy costume XD And frankly, I love the way it turned out! There aren't that many Meiko fans out there--everyone loves Miku too much &gt;_<--so since I absolutely love her voice and her costume, I decided to cosplay as her <3 I made it myself out of random garments I found at a store. The material is nice and stretchy so the skirt was fun.

No one knew who I was because no one loves Meiko ;____; But the people that did recognize me were wonderful <3 HURRAY FOR MEIKO! I cannot wait to do her "Honey" version :D


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Character MEIKO


kiratsukai Your Meiko has big, byootiful bewbs just like the real one *thumbs up*

Simakai You do a very sexy Meiko!^^

grimmjowfreak09 HEY REMEMBER ME FROM MTAC 09 IT RIN KAGAMINE X3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EpicOrange I LOVE Meiko~ Your costume does her justice~

misaloveslight6 YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN...A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i'm just kidding >2<' martha isn't hannah's stalker...or is she XD