Toxikon as Tobi


Naruto: Shippūden


Cosplayer: Toxikon
Wig - Can't even remember where we got it. It's actually the same wig that was used for Karasu when my sister was Kankurou (we have since found a better wig, and need to remake the puppets anyway). I straightened, trimmed, and spiked it (well, Nikkiolie did most of the work XD), but it still ended up being way too long. Need to take the scissors to it once more. It also had the habit of trying to escape from my head...

Mask - Commissioned from Mike. He does amazing work with latex. I love this mask so much. :3

Shirt & Pants - A sweatshirt and sweatpants. The sweatshirt I edited (added thinner sleeves at the lower arm, sewed velcro on the upper arm for the armor), but the pants are just regular sweatpants.

Scarf - Made out of a long tube of fabric. I need to find a way to fasten it so it doesn't loosen and drag on the ground. D:

Armor - I cut the shapes from a foam camping pad, then spraypainted them black. I didn't prime them or anything though, so the paint is chipping off. :( The arm bits are fastened to the shirt with velcro, and the leg bits are all attached together, and to the belt (which is more foam, covered with stretchy fabric and attached with--you guessed it--more velcro).

Gloves - ARGH THE GLOVES. These I sewed myself, using a pattern I borrowed from Nikki. SUCH A PAIN. Sewing gloves is a nightmare. Especially when your sewing machine decides to rebel.

Shoes - I used the same online tutorial as I did for the Sand Sibling shoes, with some minor adjustments.

White Socks, Black Hood thingy - These I made the night before the con. D: (I'm a procrastinator.) They're pretty much just pieces of cloth that I hot-glued together in approximately the right shape. Surprisingly, they held together really well. I might re-do them, but I might just leave them be.

I like this costume a lot, but I don't really like wearing it. I can barely see out of the mask, and seeing all the cool costumes is probably my favorite part of a con. Also, no one could understand a word I said. XD I kept worrying that the armor would fall off, so I was constantly patting it to make sure it was still there. I really like the costume itself, but it's just not suited for wearing at cons. It's really easy to transport though, so it'll probably show up at some meetups in the future. :D