Aerith Gainsborough

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII



I don't know much about Before Crisis, I've never actually played the game, but what I do know is that everyone seems to like to enter Aerith's church through the roof. X__X With the cosplay itself, things were pretty easy, the shirt doesn't have the design like KH2, or at least that's what I have seen from fan art, I personally don't know if it was meant to have it or not. But anyways, it made from a quick shirt, and the skirt was simple too, I think this is the easiest cosplay I have ever done. XDD


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Series Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough


score So pretty!

Slum Drunk You win the most beautiful person award hands down!

cloudsoratidus aerith's song IS "Its raining men" xD

Angeal Beautiful!Beautiful!

gabman6 I have to say that this... is... AMAZING!! You hecka look like her

deshwitat WOAH you make such a beautiful Aerith XD

EternalSuccubus Beautifull Aerith!!! You look great in this costume *-* Congratulations, honey!

Phoenix_Kasai Its amazing how much you look like her @[email protected] Lovely job with the flowers!

SanctusIX Waaaa!, you're a really lovely Aerith!!! *u*

BakaRinoa Beautiful! You look like Aerith *-*