Shera Highwind

Final Fantasy VII



Shera is so underrecognized, so decided to make use out of that white robe I had and cosplay her.

Update January 2010: Shera got an actual lab coat, I think just that one change makes it look so much better. For now I'm wearing my combat boots with it as both the first shoes (black heels) and the second shoes (tan boots) cause problems with my knees and ankles.

March 2010: Shera has a new pair of shoes that give me quite nice suppot even though they're heels, made with suppotive insoles built in. A new shirt has finally been produced and was needed after oil paint got on the old shirt. Got a new scrunchie, much more of a saturated yellow.

September 2010: Had to buy a third shirt, mysterious stains from nowhere showing up. The heels after prolounged wear has caused blisters on my baby toes. I managed to find a pair of brown boots which are very nice and actually hurt less durring prolounged wear.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Shera Highwind


tifaheart Bueno! :D perfecto! Yo tambien tengo un cosplay de Shera ^^