Angel Sanctuary



I'm a HUGE Angel Sanctuary fan and i always wanted to cosplay a red-head. Using that odd combo, I discovered Asteroth and all his dungeon madness and fell in love with it! The outfit I have is from one of his scenes in the manga and one I thought would compliment the red hair the best.

Outfit Specs:

Wig: Bought online, cut and styled by me.

Hair Accessory: Made by me with pleather and a chain.

Contacts: Acuvue Honey color.

Necklace: I had it for YEARS and I JUST used it for this cosplay. I bought it at Hot Topic years ago.

White Shirt: Made by me, stained with calligraphy ink.

Vest: Made by me using a vest pattern.

Tie: Made by me based off a thin tie I once saw at Hot Topic.

Snake Bracelet: Bought from a small stand at the mall.

Pants: Made by me.

Best: Bought at Provincetown, chains added by me.

Boots: Bought at Hot Topic.

Cuffs: Bought at Wicked Faire 2008.


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Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Asteroth


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