Dan Taichi

The Prince of Tennis

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Nobody knows, but I am tenitard. The manga, anime, musical, I love everything from Prince of Tennis (though I don't think the movie is beyond "ok")! I felt kind of ashamed I never cosplayed any of the boys. TзT
I know I don't have the height to convince as a big badass guy, nor the cuteness for the cuddly ones, but I have to try somebody different from what I use to do. I still don't know how to make jerseys. :(
Anyway, Dan is a sweet and rival schools (maybe not Hyoutei) needs more love! YAMABUKI!! /o/

Reference image: http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh174/nicomeg/cosplay/danzin.jpg


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Series The Prince of Tennis
Character Dan Taichi


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