Kasumi C1

Dead or Alive 4



The original blue and white version of her outfit. Base outfit bought from Girl156. I made the armguards and leg guards. Handcolored the wig with sharpies from a light blonde color, made the choker from bias tape, modified a plastic toy sword, found good thigh high socks from welovecolors.com.

This is going to be the most daring costume I will have ever done, but Dead or Alive is a wicked cool fighting game, and Kasumi's character is so sweet! ^_^


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Series Dead or Alive 4
Character Kasumi C1


Ammie Those swans!!! That's AMAZING!!!!! I love, love, love the swan paintings!!! This costume is AWESOME to the max!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

FruityKyuubi The cosplay is dead on, best kasumi I've seen. :]

Chocobo chic wow!the costume is beautiful!and i love the snow shots!ITS PRETTYYY!!!!!!

Julie-hime thanks for your comments on my page :) this is an amazing detailed costume! wow! and i love the scenery in your photo-shoot! excellent photography

rayna so awesome! I really love the details!

umi. YOU'RE SO AWESOME! i loved this costume, the shots and the details! Two thumbs up!

GalenMarek WOW! That's great!

MagneticTempest What that guy said right under me.

Sharingan Tony This costume is smoking hot! If you could do a Lei Fang costume I'd totally fall for you in a heart beat ^_~