Celes Chere

Final Fantasy VI



I love this gown, but it weighs a ton! I think I bought 15 yards of the heaviest fabric I could find. Most my efforts went into duplicating the intricate design on the hem - starting with building a pattern taken directly from the artwork, then going through various trials of resizing until it felt the most accurate. While it's not perfect, I am still very proud to call it my own, and am feeling very accomplished to have duplicated this design when many others have simply ignored it. I did choose a fabric to accomplish the many other intricacies of the design (so as to preserve some of my sanity for future costumes) and I don't feel that decision takes anything away from the quality of accuracy of the gown.


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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Celes Chere


huggybearxx <3 Celes very nice well done