Lady Blaumeux

World of Warcraft



Boy am I glad this costume is over.

I was really in over my head with this one.

The shoes were too small, the bodice was too tight, the shorts were too big, and all day long I felt like the top wasn't going to hold me in much longer.
(It did, thank god)

The helm is cardboard, covered over with veils, and the horns and "topknot" are made of paper mache. I used a "faux fur" yarn for the ponytail.

The left shoulder block is made of paper mache and craft foam. It came out less than smooth but hey, we'll call it battle worn. The right shoulder is made out of fabric sewn over a frame of pipe cleaners.

The chest was a pre-bought corset that i covered over with fabric and changed out the laces. added the detailing. I actually forcibly bent the corset and sewed it in a way that i could attach bra cups to it (As we can see, they were not big enough).

Belt. not so hard. i cut halloween skulls so they would lay flat, painted them and hot glued them on. Belt attached in the back with velcro.

The shorts were a big hassle. I tried sewing them by hand twice, and they didn't turn out horrible but not really wearable either. I got these from walmart.

Boots were a pair of heels that i covered over, and then attached the knee-high portion with zipper to.

The gloves never behaved how i wanted them to. They have a pipe cleaner frame and stuffing inside. they wouldnt stay up for the life of me.

the cloak was probably my favorite part of this. two layers of gauze over top the dark blue base, edges finished off with a shiny gold bias tape. it had a chain to put around the neck weighted down with a heavy little skull.


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Shaylyn Can't wait to see this! How's the progress coming? :)