War Machine

Iron Man



This costume took approximately 3 months to finish mainly because i had studies to handle.

This rendition of war machine is mainly toy inspired but also had many personal touches.

I made it coz i love mecha cosplay and i needed something i could easily transport and still be bad ass. My number one option was War Machine.

The main material for this costume is rubber sheets. There are some PVC pipes thrown in for the gatling gun and bamboo sticks for support.

The painting involved priming with acrylic emulsion and then spray painting with black and chrome paint. Black parts covered with clear lacquer for a more shiny finish.

Lighted by LED lights.

my buddy A.C did the painting and the finishing of the helmet. another great collaboration.

Stage Skit Includes the Sequence:
1.) Terrorist goes crazy on stage
2.) War Machine enters and is fired upon by terrorist.
3.) War Machine disarms terrorist with pulsors on each hand
4.) War Machine drops the gatling gun horizontal (which is upright at first)and the terrorist surrenders
5.) War Machine poses for the crowd.


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Series Iron Man
Character War Machine
Variant Toy Inspired


Dr. Holocaust This is an amazing piece of work! I am severely impressed.