Castlevania Judgment



Well, the whole costume took over 5 months to make and has been my most challenging one yet! I'm SO glad its debut went well!

Wig: Bought from the eBay store Professional Only, styled by me.

Monocle: Bought on eBay, modified by me with wire and foil tape.

Makeup: White and black eyeliner pencils.

Vest: Made without a pattern. Black and white ribbon cut and glued to the edging. Studs are scrapbook studs. Pointed detailing on the vest done by hand with marker. Pin bought at Michaels. Collar stands up with memory wire.

Coat: Made and lined without a pattern. Black ribbon glued along the edging with scrapbook studs for detailing. Gray spike detailing on the sleeves done with marker and silver acrylic paint. Chains cut and attached via the studs. Curls at the bottom of the coat done by memory wire.

Undershirt: Made without a pattern, white sleeves with a black "tank top" like top.

Ribbon: Cut and fitted, the ends dipped in clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

Gloves: Bought from Lord and Taylor, also used on my Sephiroth cosplays.

Wristcuffs: Made from gray fabric, black stripes drawn by hand with black marker.

Pocketwatch: Bought years ago at AnimeNext, chain attached previously belonging to one of my pants.

Belt: Bought from Hot Topic, also used for Sephiroth and Zack cosplays.

Pants: Made without a pattern. 44 eyelets are hand sewn, black cord threaded into them.

Boot Detailing: Made from remaining vest fabric, held via elastic beneath the boot.

Prop: ALL FOAM with the exception of the round silver handle, which is Wonderflex and wood. Foam cut and covered with aluminum tape, then covered in gesso, detailed with marker and acrylic paint. Chain is plastic, spray painted silver and attached to me via a keyring.

Keys: Bought online, spray painted black. Keyring made by me from thick memory wire.


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Series Castlevania Judgment
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Sephirayne Amazing costume. I love the amount of detail you've pit into it. Great job X

Foxberry Wow, beautiful costume! X3 Just had to check out your profile.