Ryoga Hibiki

Ranma 1/2



My sister and my friends started talking about doing a Ranma 1/2 group and somehow got everyone to do it! I loved Ryoga in the series and choose to be him.

My wig was purchased from cosworx. It has very thick bangs! Perfect for Ryoga. Though it curls a little and needs a little trimming. The headband was sewed by my mom, but I painted the designs on it. The pants and martial arts shoes were bought from a martial arts website. The yellow rope was safety pinned onto my legs. I also got yellow socks from JCPenny's. The tunic and belt was made by my mom. She did such an awesome job on the tunic! : ) I love it!

Ryoga was fun to cosplay! When I was with my Ranma and Mr. Saotome I was so popular!! It's always fun to do martial arts poses too.


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Series Ranma 1/2
Character Ryoga Hibiki


ranmaboy13 ryoga powaaaa very nice picture

tokyokisshu Awesome cosplay~ you look so much like him. Kudos! The action poses look so fun, I want to cosplay him too. XD

devious-tofu Aww, I love Ryouga! Great cosplay!