Tinker Bell



For this year's Disney Halloween, Richii and I wanted to do the fairies from the Tinkerbell Movie because it's a cute movie.


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Series Tinker Bell
Character Fawn


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Gloha_h You're a gorgeous Fawn! You nailed that one perfectly! :)

Hoshi-chan Perfect cosplay!!!! OMG You are so cute and lovely ^^

carladawn I totally recognized you at SDCC! You and Rosetta looked wonderful. :] I think I was Supergirl or just myself that day and I was upset because I wished I had worn my Tink. :p

carladawn So cute! You look like the Fawn at Disneyland.

kula_diamond and a perfect rosseta too!

kula_diamond A PERFECT FAWN!!

Raven_Roth this really came out amazing :D!!!

mademoiselledee you did a magnificent job! Looks EXACTLY like the one in the park. BRAVO!