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The next time I look at a IIDX design and go, "oh! that won't take very long!".........someone please shoot me?

(So far I've managed to avoid any pleather/vinyl between my two IIDX outfits though, so maybe I shouldn't complain too much.)

Wig is from Zephyr. the base wig is the shaggy short style in light purple with clip on ponytails. they're really long, so the upkeep while wearing them is a bit of a pain. I really like the color though~

the EMS shipping people smashed up the clipons in the mail, so one of the clippy things arrived broke and un....clipping. to remedy the situation, I cut the whole thing apart and performed clipon replacement surgery to fix it by freeing the broken clip and substituting a replacement clip from walmart in its place before restringing the whole thing back together. Initially upon opening the package I was worried that it couldn't be fixed, but in the end it turned out to be a good impetus to learn how clipon ponytails are constructed on the inside.

the shirt is made from 2 layers of white cotton/spandex blend knit from the joann's dancewear section. this was definitely the most time consuming part of the costume, since fitting it at the armholes and especially the collar was rather difficult.

also my first time sewing a placket (for the back closure), but I think I managed it all right in the end. the silver bias tape I used for the armhole edging/placket/collar top was a silver seasonal fabric from joann's that I interfaced and carefully sewed on to the top side before slipstitching it in place to the underside.

the arm flaps are interfaced denim and close with velcro. the butt cape is also denim, which was a little tricky in terms of getting all the triangle points and insets to turn crisply. (I think if I were to do it again, I would use a lighter weight twill to save my fingers and sanity a bit of pain.) buttcape was probably the second most time consuming part of the costume...the black topstitching around the border took a while since I didn't like my first attempt at it and had to seam rip it all out and try again.....and then again.

footcovers are white interfaced denim once more for the white overflaps, red cotton bias tape that I made to match the decal stripe and arm flap strips, black twill for the floofed out bottom part, and black interlock knit for the stocking pulled up underneath of it all. first time doing that sort of zipper as well, but I'd read how to do it ages ago, so that part wasn't too trying at least.


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Character DJ Celica


franz888 wow, that cosplay is really good, you also look really cute in it ^_^

Skyline Kyo Oh snaps! Not only did you perfect iroha... but Celica too!? You rock!

chenmeicai Wow! Your DJ Celica is so cute. (^_^)

Asuzagawa I absolutely love this costume! Perfect ^___^