Ranka Lee

Macross Frontier

@*mik0 muffin !


I actually discovered Macross Frontier from a photograph of a cosplayer dressed as Sheryl =]. I decided to check out the series, and from the very early episodes I fell in love with the character and design of Ranka. Cute girl? Check. Cute outfits? Check. Bonus: singing and dancing! And I've even got the lovely KitsuneCagalli as my Sheryl =D.

This is definitely my favorite cosplay so far. It's so fun to bounce and twirl around in! Go Ranka~~!


@*mik0 muffin !
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Created 11 years ago
Series Macross Frontier
Character Ranka Lee
Variant Seikan Hikou


KitsuneCagalli You're the cutest Ranka ever~! I loves you <3

*mik0 muffin ! Aw, thank you~ No, I made this concert outfit myself =]

SushiBunnie Hey you're from that photoshoot in NYAF! Your lion outfit looks amazing! Did you buy your outfit? Because it looked so well done xD