Seibai as Akasuna no Sasori

Akasuna no Sasori

Naruto: Shippūden

Cosplayer: Seibai
These are the costumes for the World Cosplay Summit for Finlands preliminary round.

Me and my boyfriend (as Sandaime Kazekage) tryed our luck in the preliminary round. Well we didn't have much luck because there was only one month to do
the costumes (I had to make them both) and this was my first time doing anime/manga characters so I was In a hurry. But still our luck didn't turn good, we were the first one's to perform and there was a sound problem In our performance. The speakers didn't put the full volume on, so my timing was of (because I didn't heart the music).

Our luck was that the judge's know we had problems and we triend our best ^__^

After two years I finally got new pictures YES!! and this time I altered the wig a little and I think the make up is much better.