Princess Jasmine Slave




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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Aladdin
Character Princess Jasmine Slave
Variant Red Slave Costume


Mancat I want to make this costume. What kind of material did you use for the pants?

SculptorsMarble Where did you get the shoes for this?

mipa How did you make the earrings? :)

PandaUsagi where can I find this red slave jasmine costume! i want to be this for Anime expo please help

vboriqua69 How did you make this costume it's fabulous, I wish I had patience to make something that beautiful.

xcutex where can I find this red slave jasmine costume!!! i love it! helppppp.

Mahato Shey-Kun This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm speechless

gottalovepixar Very unique! I love it :)

MostDecentThing * Favorite * 。 ◕‿◕ 。

NikkouChan wow damn this is amazing.. my inner jafar got nosebleed now :D

Suzie Blue This is wonderful!! You are completely beautiful.

CiralFox Gorgeous Jasmine. <3

carladawn AhhhhH!!!! I love this sooooooooo much! You did Jasmine justice. :] This outfit was always my favorite on her.

michisan Finally! I found someone who made her red slave costume! I am wanting to work on that one as well! Can you give me any tips on making her jewelry and accessories?

sexyfatima please tell me where you got your costume i can't find anything for the red outfit that jasmine wore and this is what i want to be for halloween!!!

invaderzimgir xD jasmin cool cosplAY beautiful