The Twelve Kingdoms

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This mascot fursuit is my version of a bi-pedal Hyouki. He normally walks on all fours, as many animals do, but do to the fact that not only are quad-suits incredably expensive to make but a hard workout to wear, I decided to make Hyouki walk on two feet.

Hyouki was definitely the most challenging costume I have made so far, but was also the most fun to make. The most difficult part of making him was sewing all of the markings to the main body of the costume.

I made him using a lycra bodysuit, a duct tape dummy, a ton of foam, faux fur, plenty of sculpy, craft foam, and a mish mash of other materials. By far I am extremely proud of how he came out.


@Chaotic Era
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Series The Twelve Kingdoms
Character Hyouki


Chaotic Era Thank you ^_^ He was a lot of fun to make.

ShyVampireMomo wow I wouldn't be able to do this. It looks awesomes^^