Mew Mint / Minto

Tokyo Mew Mew



Tokyo Mew Mew was my first shoujo manga and I fell in love with the crazy, somehow hyperactive aesthetic and the wonderfully naive storyline. Mint / Minto was the one I could identify most with... just drinking tea and watching, and dropping an occasional serious comment^^
I don't think that turquoise suits me well, though, so I was grateful I found a fabric that was a little more blue, more like the manga cover. The "weapon" is also from the manga version.
The wings and tail are made from several layers of organza fabric "outlined" with wire.

Cost: USD 95
Hours: 55

-Sold in 2008-


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Series Tokyo Mew Mew
Character Mew Mint / Minto
Variant Battle Dress


YaoiTrioGo see everyone think she's green and the blue you used is absolutely beautiful!!! also i love love LOVE!!! the picture it's awesome!

AmandaKitty You are really great Mint!

ToroSonyCat Amazing Mint Cosplay! Love it