Cornet Espoir

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure



Well, this is practically my first costume that I have ever made. :3 I enjoyed making this costume because it was fun and I placed a lot of work into it. This took about 6 & 1/2 months to complete because of school getting in the way.

I love Cornet because she is cute and fun and her costume is just simply wonderful! This costume wasn't that difficult, but since it is my first, some parts seemed to be harder than I thought. I made everything expect for tights and the red top (I just modified it). I made the pleather purse with snaps and it is my favorite accessory on this costume!

This costume will first be premiered at JACON, Orlando FL in April 2006. Hopefully I will win an award with all of my hard work and accomplishments on this.


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Series Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Character Cornet Espoir
Variant Puppet Princess


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