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This costume took me two months and two hundred+ dollars to make! But I love it so much! My Friends and I went to Anime Vegas in a sailor moon group. We had Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Pluto, Artimus, Sailor Chibi Moon (me), and Prince Diamond. I made this costume in a way that the skirt and collar could detach from the leotard so I can eventually make Sailor Moon's costume.

UPDATE July 2011
I revamped this costume a little, so any pictures in 2011 of this are Rini 1.5. Haha! I redid the bows and the white belt and tweaked the collar, got new shoes to match the MissDivaMinka's Sailor Moon boots. (Her Sailor Moon was also made by me) Hopefully my hair is long enough to get into those buns again! I still can't afford a wig . . . One Day Wig, You Shall Be MINE! If I can get my hair into those buns I will probably be wearing Sailor Venus to Comic Con 2011 and doing a shoot in this costume later.


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