Kuchiki Rukia (Shinigami)




as mentioned, 100% hand-sew, i really like black & white combination (look at Neji's costume) =P, now is Rukia in Shinigami uniform XD.
i done this costume in about a month? actually planning just for private photoshoot ^^;; but suddenly have some event "pop-up" from nowhere...that is why i finished it in a month.
and the wig, is quite troublesom, coz the hook is missing, 1st time i used it was very uncomfortable (moving-around-on-my-head) <__< but now i had settle it by sew/make it smaller XD like that it can be more steady-on-my-head.
i bought a pair of fake katana, metal blade, is quite heavy ^^;; and i'm quite short...so i choosed to use the short one for Rukia cosplay =P


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Series Bleach
Character Kuchiki Rukia (Shinigami)


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