Ootori Kyouya

Ouran High School Host Club



Ouran is one of my favorite animes, and when a couple other people expressed interest in cosplay, we went for it! Kyouya is my favorite character, and I felt I could pull him off. Ordering and shipping mishaps aside, this was all store bought stuff, with minimal work on my part modifying the ties and putting the patches on the jacket. Wig was styled by my friend Amy, cuz she's awesome like that. My wig was commandeered and subsequently massacred by my Mori, and also both he and Huni have no intention of doing their cosplay again, so my Kyouya is pretty much shelved. XD

EDIT: I lied. XD Through random happenstance, I found a perfect Ouran jacket on a thrift store sweep. He was just begging to be put back on my costume rotation, especially being a nice, comfortable costume. Steamed the patch off the other jacket and transferred it to this one, and Junior styled the wig for me (reclaimed my Kyouya wig from Mori, but it was better suited for Death the Kid, and used the wig I bought for DtK for Kyouya. Got that? XD ) because she is fantastical. Behooold~ So much happier with it. <3


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Character Ootori Kyouya


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