Claire Redfield

Resident Evil: Degeneration



Love Claire. Love this outfit. So happy I finished and was able to wear it to the movie premiere in nyc.


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Series Resident Evil: Degeneration
Character Claire Redfield


Alexiel10 OMG!!! you look great, it's the first cosplay I see of the this Claire's version Great Job

seawaterwitch You are so good ^^ I love your Claire *hugs*

Angeal very nice costume you did a very good job

davrenbralor Awesome cosplay! You've captured Claire's movie appearance quite well, and I love the umbrella pic! xD

NoOptionOtaku Dead on! This is great! You look just like her - the outfit, hair, everything is flawless. I bow to you! :D

AkoRedfield I saw somes photos from Archelon and I think it's you his Claire, if right, let me know your totally awesome ^___^ If not, anyways, you're totally awesome too XD