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This costume was for my group's Easter-themed Fate/Stay Night cosplay. Since Anime Boston was on Easter weekend and we were wearing our normal Fate outfits all weekend, we figured we should try something fun and easy for Easter morning. The girls both did bunny-girl versions of Rin and Karen while I did a Hugh Hephner version of Archer (I know Playboy isn't Easter but still, bunny girls, come on people).

Sadly only one single person recognized us the whole morning, whereas everyone else was just taking pictures of the bunny-girls (I was even asked to get out of a shot where I was standing between the two with my arms around them!) But yes, because of that one lady (who didn't even think it was difficult to recognize us at all btw) I felt like doing this cosplay was totally worth it.


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@Rein Aurre
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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Archer
Variant Easter (Hugh Hephner)


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