Krad version 1




When Laura came to me and asked to go as Dark and Krad from DNAngel in 2007, I was a little wary. I mean seriously, I have the body of a 12 year old with a height of 5'2, there's no way I could pull off Dark.

Ironically, I had a growth spurt a week before the con, putting me at Laura's height for the con XD

Krad was generally easy to make, it was just the fact that nothing got done on time! I was up till 4 in the morning the day of the con painting the gold trim on. The shawl ended up a disastor which I will be revising in version 2.

Laura adored it though, and enjoyed frolicing around in it, and while I was running fromt he crowds of fangirls, she was embracing them like how Krad embraces his Satoshi-sama - with a love that is neither safe nor sane...

Brittany, who wore it on the second day after an incident where the binding was too tight, remarked that she also loved wearing it. She said it was "comfortable and fun ^^" Congrats to her, cause she dealt with my hyper games on sunday of tag, tackle, and sinuated yaoi ha ha.


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