Kyo Kusanagi 98

King of Fighters

@Skyline Kyo


Simple costume done. Was a total KoF Nut back then and almost worshipped Kyo Kusanagi to a point ^^;

Managed to get the gloves on Ebay for fairly cheap. The bandanna was quickly and easily made and the rest are just plain clothes. I bought a black shirt and got a friend to paint the Kusanagi flame on the back.

Not exactly a fancy outfit but nevertheless one of my best shots as well as a very comfortable outfit (cept the leather gloves @[email protected]). Also its great to wear in public and not have to worry about people looking at me all weird. Wearing the whole costume and walking around sure did get weird looks though heh.

I got an updated jacket made by kiwi from and I love it!!! XD


@Skyline Kyo
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Character Kyo Kusanagi 98


kof_terrybogard Allright, classic Kyo! King of Fighters is having a contest on their facebook page right now for King of Fighters cosplayers! Submit your pics to win! for the fanpage, and here's a link directly to the contest information POWAAAAAA GEYSAAAAAA!!!!