Morrigan Aensland Gashapon Figure


@Shining Polaris


This is one of my favorite female anime/video game characters of all times! I was planning to debut this to this year's Anime Expo but my Lilith didnt go. So Next year in 2009 you will see the "best" Duo ever! I love this outfit but its so dominatrixie?...I promise to show progress pics along the way!

*** Yeah basically this costume is 100% done but since I have another year to improve it I am going to remake the top and the accessories!


There are no photos in this costume yet.

@Shining Polaris
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Series Darkstalkers
Character Morrigan Aensland Gashapon Figure


Millenia133 I don't see much, but what I see looks awesome!!!! A really great Morrigan... *.*