Orihime Inoue


@Fire Lily
Well, this is my first anime cosplay (and the most normal cosplay I've done so far), and what better to start off with than Bleach? I really like Orihime's character, and I just happened to have made a skirt recently that was perfect for her school uniform.

So I whipped up a jacket (fully lined in powder blue), bought the hair clips, made the bow-tie and gold pin, got my wig/socks/shoes/shirt, and put her together. I know the wig isn't perfect, but I still think the cosplay looks great ^.^ I had a lot of fun with it!
@Fire Lily
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Series Bleach
Character Orihime Inoue

kyo s kennedy Wuao you do very good cosplay good work n_n you are very beautiful

xNagi You did well. ^_^

yaoiXlife awwww your cosplay of orihime is so cute!!! X3