Shugo Chara!



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Series Shugo Chara!
Character Miki


Mithrenniel nice hat

ToroSonyCat love your miki cosplay!

TwilightWolfGrl aww so cute

Chilse you see..that is why this makes the costume cool and this girl..THE HAT>..< everyone is asking for it.

Chilse wow..it really look great...the costume i mean...well done...she is my favorite character....go miki-chan

lkk4287 omg! kawaii miki is one of my favorites i like ikuto utau nikaido rima and yoru too !

shelby-miki-dai i love it hey are u on you tube i thinnk i have u as a friend my youtube name is shelby13reveen anyway I LOVE UR COSTUME! did u make ur hat CAN U GIVE ME TIPS HOW TO MAKE ONE!

Guardian Miki This is so cute~ I LOVE YOUR HAT!~ How did you make your Spade for it? :?

shelby-miki-dai omg i love the outfit did u make it or buy it miki is my fav charater!

SageBell yay you did the hat very well.! all others i've seen were just sad

VampireRay wow I love the costume^^ where did you find the hat ?