Kingdom Hearts II



Who doesn't want to wear one of these coats, honestly? They rock the casbah.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Riku
Variant deep dive


serin01 you are probably one of the best Riku's i've seen. Awesome job!!

Rhiloe Okay I know I'm being a fan girl but oh well. *tackles you* Riku!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Seriously though this is awesome.

Mandarr13 That is just frickin' rad.

ShimaUchiha one word..................... EPIC! rlly rlly nice job.

rando-chan woaa you're so cool!! not so many cosplayer looks great with white wig :D and you did GREAT :D

Sprocket You're so prettiful...-shiny awe-struck eyes-

Ninnu-chan The best Riku I've ever seen...

Otaku_Ninja hot! great job

Joma Im new at cosplaying and stuff lol

Joma I cant send mesages but i need a organization 13 costume for may 3 If u could make 1 and message me for the price or idk because i saw 1 but it as ugly and it costs $110.. if u could message me its important :D

dreamyheaven Wow nice Riku cosplay ^^ <3

bossbot and you got the boots spot on! Best Riku in history X3

Krystel-chan aww...!!! kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! a perfect riku!!! *kiss* jujujuju

Riku-Heart this cos ist amazing it is perfekt *Q*

nobodyroxas awww~~~ this Riku-cos is ..... wonderful! *.* wow... so cool *.*

mooniewolf123 they do rock the casbah. thing is, i heard that song today in the car XD