Sync the Tempest

Tales of the Abyss



- 41,5 hours + fixing
- cost might be added later

We started planning a TotA group last year and I was having a hard time deciding whether I should be Asch or Sync. Eventually, I decided to be Sync because my friend (Scarface) decided to be Ion. Then the two of us decided to debute our costumes earlier - that is, in CosplayGaala. It started out as "Hey, I wanna participate in a group competition..."
Guess what? We won!
Seriously, it was so amazing!~ We went there to be in the top three, and we surely were there. 'w'

Here's our show:
It's filmed quite... oddly at times. So if you don't get what's happening, it's because a) we fail or b) one of us is cut out of the picture, doing something you should see.

Wig: CosWorx, Scruffy-L, Forest Green. I don't think I'll ever be happy with the outcome, no matter what people say. I underestimated the design.
"Beak": Craft foam and acrylic paint, attached to the wig with two snap fasteners and some kind of tape. Limits sight a lot! Also, it's an ass to try to make it stay on when the tapes wear off.
Shoes: Nokia's boots. Did you know it's difficult to find shoes with round tips from flea markets?
Other parts: Stretch cotton, cotton tape, craft foam, paper etc.

Fixes after CosplayGaala:
- finished the shoes
- worked on the wig a little more
- new gray... discs?
- new mask
- sewed the trousers together (no need for silicone tape anymore)


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Uerria The wig is NOT a flaw. xD It's very good! And you've cleared up my confusion on how Sync cosplayers can see with the mask on. o.o