Emmaline Stroop

The Sartoraeus Chronicles



This was part of a steampunk project we did in the St. Louis Costumers Guild. Emmaline Stroop is a grammar tutor who all but despises the fact that she's a natural whiz with machinery of all sorts. She rides along on the Sartoraeus as the ship's engineer but fancies herself above all as the resident voice of reason to this band of ill-bred inebriates. She records every piece of gossip she learns in a notebook she wears hidden in her sleeve.

She dislikes every woman on board the airship on sight but falls in love with the bisexual "playboy" Dr. Phineas Arcturus.

Costume is made from green jacquard with a polyester high-collar shirt underneath. The knit cravat is a piece of a scarf I found at a thrift store.


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Series The Sartoraeus Chronicles
Character Emmaline Stroop


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