Gurren Lagann



This costume uses a white sportswear solid as the base. The blue-gray sides and slits are made from cotton as are the stars and shoulder stripes.

Unlike most cosplayers I've seen for this character, I managed to make sure the blue-gray material was UNDER the white (most seem to attach it on top, and I can see why). This was an amazing pain because as soon as the cut was made in the white body, the weight of the sleeves would cause it to deform. Thus, the blue is attached underneath with double sided iron on interfacing.

This was the first wig I styled myself. I have a hair extension that I plan to put into the ponytail to give it more length but haven't yet. I still need to get the end of the pony tail to be a proper point, but overall, I'm not unhappy with it.

Additionally, the arm band is made from hard styrene as opposed to cloth as many others tend to do. The color looks much better in person, but it tends to become washed out due to camera flashes.


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