Scarlet Witch


I didn't know I'd be going to Dragoncon until fairly late, and then my sewing machine broke down, so a lot of this costume was done at the last minute at my in-laws' house right before the con. I spent the most time decorating the belt, which I love as it's all bellydancey. Alas, I didn't have the opportunity to dance in this costume at Dragon*con, but I wore it for my bellydance school's Halloween party and had a lot of fun.

The bustier gave me a lot of trouble; I hadn't made bra cups before and they were really annoying; they ended up being ripped out and redone after the con. The headdress also was redone after D*C 2005.

This was the first time I'd ever made boot covers the 'easy' way (removable, with spandex) and there are still a few things to tweak. I think I like my old way (non-stretchy fabric, permanently attached) better. :P
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