Final Fantasy IX



Photoshoot: Flavio.

Other photos: Nami Shion, Alby Martin.

Estimated cost: about 38.57 euro.

Making of process:

Beatrix is a lovely character. She is feminine, but strong of mind and body, loyal and clever. It's a pity her taste in men is so...well, weird xD.

This is one of my favorite costumes and it was fun to make and wear. I wanted to make Beatrix but has no money for fabrics, so I used a white sheet I had in my house and red lining that was left over the Itachi coat. I also used the dark blue "skai" that was left over the Samurai Rikku and painted it silver to make them look metallic, coral buttons, golden marker to paint the buttons and silver cloth paint. I did the patch with the white sheet too, and painted it with the silver fabric paint. The shoes I used as a base to make the boots were an old pair of heels from my mother that she agreed to gave me and I painted them with silver painting, but those destroyed my feet. I also used lots of velcro to attach everything so nothing would fall or move. I also made gloves with the sheet and painted them with the clothes silver paint.

The sword was made from cardboard, paint, white paper,glue and a red mop stick. The most difficult thing was the sword's hilt. I had to made each piece by separate and two bases for each side, and I ended up with injuries of hot silicone. But I removed the glue and used see-through contact glue to make it durable. But I was glad with the result. I don't like the blade, but they won't let me have my sword in the con if I make a sharp tip to it, so I did it with a round shape.

In 2012 I fixed the arm, covering it with silver lycra and I also fixed the sword's blade with silver, black, and red aironfix and cardboard under it. In 2014, I fixed the sword's grip with foam and foam core board left overs from Yuna's staff and shield, and I bought a wig too.


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Beatrix
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Darkvid muy buen disfraz, muy trabajado.