Giotto (Vongola Primo)


Mafia bosses are sexy 8D especially when they're dead

Costume: Made the cape from some black cloth (I f-fail) and red and yellow satin in 2 and a half days, Gloves came from band gloves and winter gloves and the thing on the back of the gloves is cardboard, glue and string o__o, suit was half-bought, half found from was found in my mum's drawer LOL

OTL I LOVE THIS COSTUME. It's the first time I made a cape (no patterns because I fail) and it's so SWISHYPOO *__* during the event, everytime I walk it would SWISHHHH <333 The only sad thing about the cape is that if I didn't walk, it would get stepped on/dirty DX ORZ
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Series Reborn!
Character Giotto (Vongola Primo)
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