Haruhara Haruko




After my first Haruko debut in early 2006 (march - GACC '06), I quickly decided to make a new and improved version than the first costume, so this is it! I love this costume ALOT because it's red & black; top & pants (very attractive color), it makes me looked slim (HAH!), it's silky/shiney from afar or close-up, it's simple and easy to wear (I freely wear it even when I don't cosplay as her, treated it like one of my fave fashion pieces^^), 'nuff said. ;P

From top to bottom, the materials are good nylon types. Can you believe that my knee-lenght white boots costed me the most alone! The pink wig (slightly longer than in anime/manga -unless used for ponytail- and longer than my first pink wig) was brought from Hong Kong and it's good quality made in Korea.

My favorite and longest-worn costume ever, cosplay or non. ^__^ *grins like Haruko*


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Series FLCL
Character Haruhara Haruko


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