Record of Lodoss War

We had been planning to do these versions since we did the normal versions back in summer of 07and we finally got around to making them!

I already had the expensive parts, wig and ears. The dres was made out of a purple silk essence and is lined with itself. I choose to go more purple-ly because I thought it would look better with the skin tone then a peach color, that and purple is my fav color. The armor pieces were done with fun foam and then hand painted. I got to do lots of jewelry work for the first time in aaaggeess. I have little beads wrapped in silver wire in some places even to give some extra sparkle. My flower piece is my fav part since it is so pretty.
And yes my skin tones is done with makeup and takes forever! I'm such a whitey.
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Series Record of Lodoss War
Character Pirotess

Earthychan Oh wow.... amazing costume!!!

H-Sama awsome job!!! i want to cosplay pirotess too!!