Kurama (Minamino Shuuichi)

YuYu Hakusho



Just because I wanted to do more Yu Yu cosplay :) Kurama is the kind of bishounen I believe I can pull off, and the costume is a delight to wear.
I wish I had taken some time to make the rose whip though. Maybe later for a shoot?


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kurama (Minamino Shuuichi)


Kaiya_Kurama you did great!!Im actualli also tryin to dress up in the dark tornament one of kurama for the next conevention but having no luck at all finding it and I suck at sewing lmao do you know anyone thats giving theirs away for a cheap price but the costume is still in good condition?

ZephyrEclipse Great cosplay. What did you use for the undershirt and pants? Did you make the robe (don't know what to call it) yourself?