Akahime as Hyuuga Hanabi

Hyuuga Hanabi


Cosplayer: Akahime
Well, first of all, I was pissed off at my mother (putting me down and all about how I won't be able to make the costumes on my own and handing sweing them), so I hand-sewed Hanabi's shirt which took SEVEN hours to do it.

My mom kind of freaked out at the result when I finished the shirt (saying that it isn't the best quality), but hey, I think it turned out very well.

Then later, she started to help me with the pants (about how to begin it and sew it 'properly' with the sewing machines), telling me what to do to it (and the only sewing machines that actually worked in the house at the time were the BIG company sewing machines (those really FAST ones T_T). But I got used to them. The pants wasn't so hard to make. I just made them kind of long. So instead of cutting them to make it shorter, I decided to just fold it up (to the inside) and sew it there.

And if any of you guys are wondering, Hanabi originally never had a headband. Just added it for a reason, but that reason doesn't exist anymore, so... just ignore it. XD