Nate "Near" River

Death Note



Near was very comfortable and fun to wear, I got to be my quiet side and not feel too bad about it!

Many props were made for Near, and I think that's why it was such a great experience; there was so much to work with. As for the wig, if anyone keeps track of my progress gallery, you can see that I worked with a long wig that I was unable to cut because it didn't belong to me, so I just fluffed and fluffed until the length appeared shorter. I think it turned out okay!


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Series Death Note
Character Nate "Near" River


Juliapop You're an amazing Near! I'm a little creeped out by how well you suit him. (I mean that as a compliment. Near *should* be a little creepy.) I especially love the "Yellow Box" photos.

Nala_Hale1003 This is definitely the best Near costume I've ever seen. It's so...realistic. Wonderful job!

Methusalah i want to cosplay near myself, however i cant find white pajamas anywhere. can you tell me where you got yours. trust me i have looked everywhere possible so any help is welcomed

bluestbunnie Normally I don't really pay much attention to Near cosplays ( I love Death Note though ) but for some reason yours caught my eye. GREAT JOB! I don't know what is but this is just different from others ( in a good way )

SAN_CHAN great cosplay i love near nya

Keotalf Great costume. I love the wig, most Near wigs don't turn out NEAR-ly that well. *Shot for awful pun* How did you make the finger puppets? I have a near cosplay that I'm working on and all that's left is props and stuff.