Christine Daae

The Phantom of the Opera



This is the Blue or Wishing dress worn by Christine in the Phantom of the Opera musical during the Graveyard scene. It's based on the original London version of the dress with the exception of the insert embroidery (Current London) and train (American).


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Series The Phantom of the Opera
Character Christine Daae


DemonBarberST Phantastic work on the cemetery gown. well done! Brava!

Boudica Yeah my friend is going to be making me one. The hardest thing so far is to find fabric that looks good. We found one that looks good but I would like better. Thank you for telling me that. I love your Phantom costumes.

Boudica where did you get the fabric/ I love it.

Mohmoh Simply wonderful! One of the best replica of this gown I've ever seen. Phantastic job!