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After roleplaying as Lana Skye on the Gyakuten Saiban RP on LJ for the longest time, people encouraged me to cosplay as her when I did a test shot using a brown shirt and red winter scarf. Since I felt my sister could pull off a good Ema and we like our outfits to match, going as the Skye sisters seemed like a good idea.

As luck would have it, a friend of mine had ordered a Lana costume from Fanplus Friend, and the design was available at a discounted rate. I asked for a few changes, and then ordered one, since the sewing was too complex. In the meantime, I constructed the entirety of my sister's Ema outfit, as that degree of sewing was more to my comfort.

The medals I constructed by myself, from Fimo, gold spraypaint, ribbons, keyrings and pins. They were kind of a pain, but I'm really proud of the way they turned out. I haven't seen any better, really. :D

The scarf was found in a Winners and the tassles were cut off. The length, I find, is quite acceptable. The belt was likewise found at a Winners, and I'm glad it's a genuiine, thin belt instead of the thicker seatbelt kind I've seen other people use. Apparently these sorts of belts are no longer the fashion, but I'm old enough to remember when they were. XD

The shoes were $7 at a Thrift store.

This was the one and only time I dyed my hair (twice!) for a costume. I was still in a sort of wig-phobic stage, but hopefully I've overcome that.


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