brightling as Elincia


Fire Emblem

Radiant Dawn, Queen Fancy Armour Version

Cosplayer: brightling
This costume ate so much time, I planned it out and started early and it just didn't end. The whole thing was just layers of details on details. I couldn't finish pieces until everything was all there so that the seams would be clean and the lining encased everything... I don't even know. If any costume made me question my hobbies, this was the one. I kept reminding myself over and over that "I do this for entertainment! :D" as if that might make it all sensible again. It did come out pretty though. It was wild at AN when I first caught my reflection and seeing that my silhouette looked like I walked out of the game. That was cool.

Patterns and Tutorials Referenced

Applique work
"Complete Book of Sewing Techniques" by Dorothy Wood (Arness Publishing Ltd, 2011) had a really useful tip of using freezer paper to add structure when you're shaping the applique pieces. Of course I ended up having to go back and add fabric stiffening anyway since my top overlay was too translucent, but it was really helpful.
Also spent some time looking at images of gorgeously complex 'fabric thangkas'. Suddenly my own applique didn't look nearly so daunting!

Leggings/Boot Covers


Wig Styling